On a sunny Friday afternoon in the summer of 2016 we, Jeroen and Hedwig, decided to reset our life. While drinking a craft beer (we still do not know how much of the courage for the decision came from that little fact) we courageously decided to sell our Amsterdam home and all of our belongings to buy a 32-year-old Volkswagen van which we named Chewie.

Enticed by the idea of living a life that's not bound by all too many commitments and at the same time exploring more of the world around us, we started living the so-called 'van life'. As of 30 October 2016 we're on the road fulltime and have visited countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Albania and Greece. 

This is no holiday. This is an alternative way of living. Hedwig has worked and still works as a freelance journalist, while Jeroen used to have a corporate career, but discovered his love for video while on the road. Currently he is perfecting himself in the fine art of video editing. Both are available for freelance jobs, please send a message through our contact form if you are interested and would like to hire one or both of us.

On this blog we want to take you with us on this journey of discovering ourselves whilst discovering the world. Looking for more? Check out Jeroen's YouTube channel for daily vlogs and Hedwig's Instagram page for further pictures and contemplations.